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  • CY-300 Air inflation mixing and cooking machine


    CY-300 Air inflation mixing and cooking machine

    Purpose and features:

    Made of stainless steel, the unit realizes heating, concentration, rinsing, mixing and blending of traditional aerated candies through reasonable mechanical, electrical, penumatic and instrumental configuration. It is a key machine for boiling of aerated candies. It is provided with computer PLC automatic control device and touch screen operation. The vacuum boiling, aerating and mixing can be carried out automatically and alternately, so as to carry out high aerating or low aerating boiling of syrup. According to the need, it can also be additionally equipped with boiling pot for the addition of condensed milk or other auxiliary materials.

    The machine has relatively high control precision, so the syrup boiled by this machine has very good quality. The machine is suitable for aerating boiling of such products as creamy candies, nougats, fruit candies, spun sugar and candy bar core materials.

    Technical Parameters:

    1. Sugae melting cooker

    a) Batch size: 300L

    b) Weight: 280kg

    c) Dimension: 1100*1100*1700mm

    2. Storage tank

    a) Batch size: 300L

    b) Weight: 220kg

    c) Dimension: 740*740*1250mm

    3. Air inflation mixing and cooking machine

    a) Model: CY-300

    b) Capacity: 300kg/h

    c) Steam pressure: 0.7mpa

    d) Steam consumption: 160kg/h

    e) Compressed air pressure: 0.6mpa

    f) Compressed air consumption: <0.25m3/min

    g) Vacuum pressure: -0.06mpa

    h) Vacuum pump power: 4kw

    i) Main motor power: 17kw

    j) Aerating pressure: <0.3mpa

    k) Dimension: 2500*1500*3200mm

    l) Machine weight: 1500kg

    Email:  info@cnchaoyang.com
    Tel: 0086-515-85450333