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  • CY-840 Automatic ball lollipop twist packaging machine

    ball lollipop twist packing machine


    CY-840 Automatic ball lollipop twist packaging machine

    Purpose and features: 

    1. Provided with the automatic lollipop arranging and feeding device, it has such features as novel structure , beautiful style, low noise, stable running and convenient maintenance.

    2. The AC motor with frequency converter realizes stepless variable speed control.

    3. It adopts automatic computer control and photoelectric color code tracking.

    4. It adopts the internationally advanced photoelectric sensor for detection and two-way tracking, with such functions as fast tracking, accurate patterns and being able to effectively eliminate packaging errors.

    5. The parts that contact food are made of stainless steel, meeting sanitary requirements with easy cleaning.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Production capacity: 120-130piece/min

    2. Lollipop diameter: φ18-30mm

    3. Total power: 2.1kw

    4. Dimensions: 2500*900*1500mm

    5. Packaging materials: BOPP/CPP, PET/CPP, and other heat sealable materials

    Email:  info@cnchaoyang.com
    Tel: 0086-515-85450333