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  • CYW-98 Automatic feeding and packaging line

    snack automatic packaging line


    CYW-98 Automatic feeding and packaging line

    Purpose and features:

    This machine is widely applied for automatic feeding and packaging of various specifications and shapes of food block objects. The block objects to be packaged out from the production line to feeding line, where the speed and position of the objects are adjusted automatically, so that the enter the packaging machine in an orderly and correct way. According to the arranging status of objects, packaging, starting, speed variation and stopping can be controlled automatically. This line adopts PLC servo control system.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Packaging speed: 200-400pieces/min

    2. Packaging film length: 50-160mm

    3. Power supply: 220V/380V

    4. Total power: 9.5kw

    5. Weight: 2600 kg

    6. Dimensions: Feeding: 7100*1000*900mm   Packaging: 7100*1000*1550mm

    Email:  info@cnchaoyang.com
    Tel: 0086-515-85450333